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Shred Rogers

I am a working foster-adopt father actively creating family-friendly heavy music from a place of love and humor. Shred The Love, America!


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You decide who will win $10,000, and perform at Rolling Stone's Future of Music Showcase.

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Who or what is your musical inspiration?

Metallica, The Beatles, Dream Theater, and Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers) and his wholesome approach to children through the gift of music.

What message do you try to convey through your music?

We all Matter in this life and we all have gifts we can offer to others to lift one another up. I want my music to be a fun, family friendly alternative to listeners of extremely heavy metal, and to inspire children and adults to create their own music: heavy or otherwise.

What would you do with $10,000?

If I won $10,000, I would donate half of it to my local Three Rivers MI High School music program and use the other half to fund equipment for me to create more better produced Shred Rogers video content.


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You decide who will appear in Rolling Stone, win $10,000,
and perform at Rolling Stone's Future of Music showcase in Austin, Texas.

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